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Healing from the feet upwards
Selfie feet wearing white socks with red

“A journey of a thousand miles 
begins with a single step”

 - Lao Tzu




Reflexology is a touch therapy where specific points in the feet, hands and or ears are stimulated to promote deep relaxation, reduce feelings of stress and to optimise physical and mental well-being. It is the belief that these points relate to organs, glands and structures of the body.

30 Min - £25 / 60 Min - £45


Holistic/Hot Stone Massage

Blended massage designed for your unique needs. I use a mix of techniques from deep tissue, hot stones, myofascial release and energy work to help release tight muscles and tensions in the body. Massage is great to reduce overall stress, increase mobility and flexibility, alleviate stiffness and improve circulation. Reiki and Reflexology can be added to the treatment.


30 Min-£25/60 Min- £45, 75 Min-£55


Reiki Healing with 3 Therapists

Using light touch and non-contact hand positions to treat physical, emotional and and mental aspects (such as stress, anxiety) to restore balance and harmony so that the body can be supported to heal itself. 


30 Min- £45


Full Leg Massage and Reflexology Treatment

This treatment is a person centred massage of the legs and feet including working on specific foot reflexes. Massage encourages better circulation, relieves tension and helps to relax tight sore muscles. This treatment is beneficial for athletes and runners as well as elderly with circulation and walking issues.

30 Min - £25/ 60 Min - £45


Reflexology and Reiki Healing

A powerful combined treatment of reflexology with reiki healing. Reflexology stimulates the specific reflexes ( relating to organs, glands & body structures) to bring about balance, aid circulation and promote deep relaxation. Reiki is a Japanese healing system which is based on  healing through universal life force  where the practitioner acts as a channel. This supports the body to relax, bringing it back into balance and allowing it to self heal.


60 Min- £45/80 Min- £60

My very talented friend Nick Podd took this photo!

Hi I'm Gemma and I have been a holistic therapist since 2002. I enjoy giving professional individualised treatments in a safe environment. I am happy to discuss all your needs so I can adapt the session as necessary. I am a member of the association of reflexologists and I am fully insured. I have been DBS checked and currently work part time as an occupational therapist for the NHS. My main aim is to support you in your mental, emotional and physical journey so that you leave my clinic with a renewed sense of well-being.


 My Clinic


94 Saltdean Drive, Saltdean, BN2 8SD

Tel: 07766730988

Mon and Sat 8am-8pm

Wed/Thur/Fri 6pm-8pm


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